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Catch Up with New Ground Creations!

Well… Hey there!

It's been a long while and so much has happened since our last blog post. So let's start the catching up; NGC turned 8 years old in May, we started our Kickstart programme for young people, launched our creative showcase programme for young people aged 16-24, been nominated for an award and so much more!

We may not be able to talk about everything that's currently happening but we definitely talk about some of them, so let's dive into a few.

The month of May signalled the beginning of the Kickstart programme in partnership with CRATE, St James Street where we had young people learn all about entrepreneurial, life and personal development skills that will undoubtedly help them in the future on their own journeys and in their careers! Led bi-weekly by one of our facilitators! We spend time at Crate connecting, learning and asking questions all around entrepreneurship, career development and personal development.

One thing that happened right at the beginning of the programme that we are super proud of is the fact that we were able to hire one of the young people, named Charlie, on the kickstart programme to be the host for our 8th birthday party held at the Southbank space with the awesome organisation Young Creators UK.

Our 8th birthday party at the Southbank space was definitely a moment to remember because who wouldn't love to bring together nerf guns, mocktails, food, young people, facilitators, employees and board members! May 13th was a great day to be a part of and helped us to know the impact that NGC are making so we definitely won't stop on our journey!

Not to mention the wonderful online and In-Person (Socially Distanced) workshops we were able to hold in partnership with CRATE in St. James Street! Covering all things entrepreneurship, personal development and career development.

There are some really wonderful things happening at NGC and we are super proud to be part of them. We are hoping to do more of these catch ups and even add some other content too!

We would love to know in the comments what you would like another blog post to be on, and If you would like to stay up to date on what our social enterprise is up to, please do subscribe to NGC Newsletter here.

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