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Training and Consultancy

Do you have a passion for young people but could improve how you engage with those marginalised from society or disadvantaged? 

NGC’s Training that enhances your teachers, coaches, youth workers and professionals working with children and young people. Training that develops the community. 

Introduction to Youth Work

Youth Work Basics

  • Review the skills, qualities and knowledge required in youth work 

  • Learn key principles of youth work in formal and informal settings 

  • The power of participation and youth voice

  • Facilitation and Outreach with Young People

Awareness Workshops for Staff and Parents include: 

Awareness in Teenage Grooming and Gangs

  • Grooming indicators, prevention techniques and ways to respond

  • Girls being Groomed 

Awareness in Child Sexual Exploitation

  • CSE indicators, useful resources and tips on how to respond​


Keith Farrell

Shared Nation, 2020

The Shared Nation community nominated New Ground Creations for funding consideration because they have  an innovative approach that prepares young people for the workforce in such a way that leads to a life of meaning and financial freedom.

As more traditional jobs are lost to automation, our future economy is dependent upon a budding workforce of social entrepreneurs. Founder Pareece Rose has already inspired and empowered countless young people with her programs, and we look forward to seeing where her organization goes from here.

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